Do you want something different?

Imagine artwork in your home or for your business that’s unique to you – unlike the standard studio portraiture we’ve been conditioned to expect. Yes?

Excellent. That’s exactly what I enjoy doing the most.

Every day is an adventure if you give it a chance. You don’t need an excuse or a special occasion, and you certainly don’t need to follow standards on how photography ‘should’ look. In fact, I encourage you to dare to be different when you choose your images for wall art and albums.

We’ll also get the safe shots – the ones with everyone looking at the camera – at some point of the portrait experience, and if they are your favourites then they are the ones we’ll frame. But the most authentic and heartfelt moments are often the unplanned ones. They look amazing on the walls of your home and in albums. They are unique to you. This is Art.

I specialise in Lifestyle Photography. For Portraits and Family photography it’s my first recommendation.

Think of it as a hybrid of studio and documentary styles. I use available light but also bring additional lighting when needed, I have a sixth sense for capturing spontaneous moments and will also direct you to help everyone look their best. This is where my catchphrase of ‘Designed and Documentary’ comes in – it’s the best of both worlds.

Headshots and Personal Branding are designed to best suit the message you want to convey online to accurately represent you and your business. Click here for more details.

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Sometimes you need to stand back and let someone show you just how special your everyday life really is.

This Life we are living is Art – the blessings, the challenges, the simplest of things and the milestones. 

Print these treasures on beautiful papers that feel lovely to hold, collect them in albums to preserve whole chapters of your story, and create works of art to feature on your walls, huge hero pieces or a collection of images, transforming a house into a home.

You, family, work, play – every minute is precious!

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Photo sessions during COVID-19

We’re still in flux when it comes to COVID-19 – and it’s really important to me that we take every precaution to stay safe.  For Portraits and Family shoots I’m booking outdoor locations only. This can be at your favourite place to go, or in your garden or even on the verandah! Professional Portraits, Head Shots and Commercial projects are often still in workplaces, but can be outdoors as well. There are guidelines we all need to follow for physical distancing and hygiene, but that’s all fine! We can still have fun, get great images and stay safe. 

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What is Lifestyle Photography?

  This is is real life, real emotion and interaction, in-your-home photography. It’s where authentic and artistic meet, creating visual documents of this moment in time

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