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Stunning natural photography

For people living busy lives, who realise how quickly time is flying.

Things are up and running again so let’s get these photos done – we’ve just been reminded never to take a day for granted.

SYDNEY & BRISBANE (Soon, Brisbane, fingers are all crossed.)

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Headshots and Branding

Contact me and we’ll brainstorm your own custom session! There’s no obligation to book, let’s see if we can come up with some ideas to inspire you. 


Someone tried to teach me poker once and pronounced it a lost cause, not even 5 minutes in.  My expression gave everything away, every time.

I love coffee and have no time for wasting time – mine or yours. 

Remember going to the cinema? That person laughing when nobody else was might have been me. It’s good to see humour in the world, I think. And beauty. I see a lot of beauty too.

With all of these fabulous, funny, heartfelt and gorgeous things going on I am quite addicted to capturing the best of those moments with my camera. I love photography, it can reveal to you sparks of magic in your life that are too often missed day to day. Yes, a picture paints a thousand words, and it preserves history for eyes from the future, and it can give you a jolt of love and sunshine every day when you see it on the wall, or sweet sadness looking through an album from years gone by.

You know, in the timeline of humanity, Photography is a relatively recent invention but its impacts and possibilities are inextricably woven into our DNA now. Don’t take it for granted. Next time you pick up your phone and snap a shot, remember to be just a little bit amazed that you have captured a fraction of a second that will never happen again.

There’s more About me and the way we’ll work, here…

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Contact me and we’ll brainstorm your own custom session! There’s no obligation to book, let’s see if we can come up with some ideas to inspire you. 

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Photo sessions and COVID-19

Well hey there Sydney, it looks like we’re back in action! It’s still really important to me that we take every precaution to stay safe. I am double vaxxed, and for Portraits and Family shoots I’m still booking mainly outdoor locations. This can be at your favourite place to go, in your garden or even on the verandah! Professional Portraits, Head Shots and Commercial projects are generally in your workplace, but can be outdoors as well. There are guidelines we all need to follow for physical distancing and hygiene, but that’s all fine! We can still enjoy it, get great images and stay safe.

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What is Lifestyle Photography?

  This is is real life, real emotion and interaction, in-your-home photography. It’s where authentic and artistic meet, creating visual documents of this moment in time

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