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It's great to meet you.

I know what it’s like to wrestle with the challenge of maintaining brand consistency. It’s not just about pretty pictures, it’s about ensuring your brand’s message is unmistakably YOU, contemporary and speaking the language of your clients and customers.


Yes, it’s logical and when it’s all flowing well, it feels great and your business hums. But for us mere mortals running businesses, logic doesn’t always fit to our hours per day. I want to help you tick a few tasks off your list, with big, red, flourishing ticks that say not just ‘done’ but ‘it’s done and it’s fantastic!”.

Thank you Sarah for the excellent event and headshot photos from our company retreat. You were super organised and really put the team at ease - it was great to work with you and and the resulting shots are just what we asked for - professional but with personality. Thanks!

For business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate achievers

There’s no worn-out formula here, no set backgrounds or poses. Everyone has a unique business story to convey, so every single client receives a custom photography experience.

To begin, in 25 words or less tell me exactly what you’re all about and what you want to communicate with your potential clients.

I’m being cheeky. Let’s face it, some days we’re clear about business and other days not so much, or somehow our message isn’t hitting the mark. This is where high quality, intentional photography really shines.

And I assure you, you know more than you realise about what you want from your photographs.

I’m here to help you put it into words, and then into images. My expertise is in translating what you want and need to convey to your customers and clients, into styled, great-looking, intentional images.



I’m based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and work throughout Sydney — revitalising your Branding imagery, creating Profile and Corporate Headshots that are alive with who you are, and helping you to fall back in love with your online marketing.


Hello there, Brisbane, every 2-3 months. If you’re in the Sunshine State just reach out to me for details of when the next available bookings are for Brisbane business owners and entrepreneurs.

Did I mention…

I train other photographers in Canva, Adobe Photoshop, photographic retouching, graphic design, and mobile and ‘real camera’ photography.


Classes are run each term at Northern Beaches & Mosman College, and I do private and workplace training as well.

Teaching is an opportunity to share some of the knowledge I have gathered over the years, and to encourage my students to enjoy their creative travels, whether it’s for work or a hobby.


I’m also a musician — vocalist mainly with enough guitar and keyboards for composition. Music is just as much an influence on my photographic work as Art History and Graphic Design, because creative inspiration pretty well ignores the definitions we give things. There’s never a dull moment!


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