Sarah Lorien Photography – Designed and Documentary – is based in Sydney with quarterly trips to Brisbane …. which will resume when we get this pandemic under control!

There is no worn out formula here, no set backgrounds or poses – the world is changing and we are prioritising authenticity and individuality more than ever before. I’m here to guide you and to click the shutter just at the right moments. 

I love working like this, every day is an adventure. And you get to own and enjoy photographic prints and albums that are specifically about you, and for you.

These are your stories and I cannot put into words the significance of celebrating every ordinary day just as much as life’s milestones.

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The joy and positivity people experience simply by having photographs they love is my constant inspiration.

It's irresistible!

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Sydney Portrait, Family & Wedding Photographer

What’s with the ‘Designed and Documentary’? Well, it’s the way I work – using skills and strategy while simultaneously ‘seeing’ with the eye of a documentarian.

Whether I’m taking your portrait, organising your bridal party and family members into groups, making weird noises to get your pet’s attention or designing your corporate branding shoot we get the great lighting AND the true expression, the flattering poses AND the authentic moments.  You can just let your guard down and actually enjoy the whole thing.

And yes, I can still direct and light a subject to look like a movie star, or wrangle 50+ people into an awesome group portrait. All of these skills work together seamlessly.

COVID-19 doesn’t appear to be going anywhere too soon, but we can easily work within the restrictions, following safety guidelines.

Did I mention...

I train other photographers in Adobe Photoshop and photographic retouching, and incorporate my Graphic Design skills into everything from composition to post production.

I’m also a musician – vocalist mainly with enough guitar and keyboards for composition. Music is just as much an influence on my photographic work as Graphic Design because creative inspiration pretty well ignores the definitions we give things. There’s never a dull moment!

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