There is no worn out formula here, no set backgrounds or poses. If there is something in particular you’d like in your photos – Awesome! If it’s in line with the style of photography I do, of course we’ll go for that. 

We’ll tick every box in the list of photos that you want, and then get those extra ones, the quiet or fleeting things, the surprisingly loud and funny things, the expressions of emotion – the moments in between.

I am also (so my clients tell me) infinitely patient and a master improviser when there are curve balls – which is pretty common when working with kids, pets or the weather. But don’t confuse patience with time wasting – because there’s none of that!

Sydney Portrait, Family & Pet Photographer

fine art print sarah lorien

I’m based in Sydney with quarterly trips to Brisbane …. which will resume their regular frequency when we get this pandemic under control! In the meantime, Brisbane people keep in touch and I’ll let you know when my next trip to the Sunshine State is confirmed – tickets are booked for December 🙂

Did I mention...

I train other photographers in Adobe Photoshop and photographic retouching, and incorporate my Graphic Design skills into everything from composition to post production.

I’m also a musician – vocalist mainly with enough guitar and keyboards for composition. Music is just as much an influence on my photographic work as Graphic Design because creative inspiration pretty well ignores the definitions we give things. There’s never a dull moment!

Contact me and we’ll brainstorm your own custom session!
There’s no obligation to book, let’s see if we can come up with some ideas to inspire you.