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Update 27 September: Photos have been delivered to LFC clubhouse for pickup

PLEASE NOTE: It is school holidays so the hours for the clubhouse have changed. Please check before going to pick up your photos.

  • All digital file purchases will be emailed out over the next 24 hours.
  • Families with players in more than one team – your photos from both teams will be together in one package.
  • Second and final order cut off 6pm Tuesday 12 October: There will be one more opportunity to order for anyone who missed the first round. Please email me if you did not receive your gallery link – the ordering system requires I send you the link rather than sharing with a team member.
  • Family Photo Session Prize Draw: The winner will be announced here on the website Sunday 2 October!
prize winner online draw generator



Using an online random name picker – with all of your names in the draw – we have a winner. I’m sending an email to Zowie now. 🙂



You’ve received an email with a link to your team’s gallery of photos. The details on this page explain a bit about how it works.

We are in the final, second round of orders now. The cut off for LFC 2022 photos is 6pm on Tuesday 12 October.

The link (in your email) will take you to the online platform. It’s pretty logical once you get used to it, plus there’s the added advantage of the ‘helpline’ they provide – if you need guidance on how to navigate the gallery you can ask them for assistance. There’s a little speech bubble icon in the bottom right hand side of your screen – just click on that.

Hopefully, though, you won’t need to. 

I really enjoyed meeting new families and seeing familiar faces from 2020, I hope you love your photos.

The first team gallery link will work perfectly, then when you try to open the second team gallery it will probably open the first one again.
To open the second team gallery, right click on the link in the email and choose ‘OPEN IN ICOGNITO WINDOW’. An alternative is to open the second team in a different browser eg. Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc.
The gallery has its own help chat as well – the speech bubble icon in the bottom right of your browser window when you’re in the gallery. They’ll be able to assist if there are any issues.

If anyone has not received an email with their gallery link or had any trouble accessing their gallery please email me at sarah@sarahlorien.com and I’ll follow up ASAP. Each person needs to have the link sent from me to activate their email address in the gallery system. Thank you!


The purchasing options are designed around two main categories – Team and Individual portraits.

You will view, select and pay for your orders in the online gallery. I’ll then process the orders. 

The images in the gallery have watermarks on them, which, of course, will not be on any product that you purchase.

There are a few things that don’t apply to our needs that I cannot ‘turn off’ in the gallery  platform, so please disregard any mention of shipping details or costs, or delivery estimates.

TEAM PORTRAITS are those formatted like this image, with the club logo, team players’ names and the team photo. These are available to purchase as 8 x 10″ prints within your choice of three product options.

Most teams have one Team portrait, but there are a couple of you who have two or more.

REMINDER: This is the last chance to correct any spelling errors, please make sure you read them carefully and let me know if something needs to be changed.

mockup of team photo layout

All other images are INDIVIDUAL PORTRAITS –  individual players, sibling photos, family photos and friends.

Individual portraits are available to purchase as 8 x 10″ or 5 x 7″ prints, or digital files – as single items or in bundles. Each product option is clearly described on the image description, and in more detail once you click on it.

It’s easy to see which products are suitable for Team portrait images – I’ve included a green “T” button on those products, and a blue “I” button on options that include Individual portraits.

Photo Packages

There are three ‘packages’ which give you the options of multiple items. 

To provide you with the most flexibility, you select individual images for each item. If you’d like two prints of the same image just select that image each time. This will make more sense when you get into the gallery.

Delivery of products

Physical prints have a turnaround of 2-3 weeks from the time that the online gallery closes. I’ll be delivering all photos to LFC club for you to pick up.

Digital files will be emailed to you within 2 days of photo package delivery.

Please contact me if you need assistance with anything, and remember there is 24/7 online assistance from the gallery platform – use the speech bubble icon in the bottom right hand corner of your gallery.