Couples, Engagements & Proposals

The two of you. A lot’s happened to bring you to this point and a whole lot more will follow. 

Right now. Whether it’s the actual proposal, a new engagement or finally getting in an hour or two amidst wedding preparations to take time out and have some fun, this is an important shoot. 

The transition from partner to life partner is linked by this event. Proposals and Engagements have that added secret spice of celebrating your relationship without the effort of months of wedding plans and bookings. 

If you have children bring them as well, of course, and fur babies are also welcome. 

couple with their puppy

Couples Photography Locations & What To Wear

Beaches, urban locations, architectural landmarks, at home, casual flowing layered clothes, formal, spontaneous or styled. Themed shoots with a vintage car or your guitar… I’m guessing you’re getting the hint here – anything is possible. Be romantic, do something fun, be serious. Let me know what you have in mind.

couple studio photo
engaged couple balmoral beach

The artwork featured here is a bright, sunny engagement session at Sydney’s Avalon Beach. 

There are so many ways to enjoy your photographs now with beautiful wall art options to suit your home, to albums, to desktop prints and fine art calendars.

Part of our consultation is talking about where you might want your artworks displayed. Knowing all of the products and print options I help and advise you, but the decisions are all yours. 

Framed photo montage engagement photography