Family Photography

Family and Kids Photography

three generations of women

Family Photography can be on location or in your home. We design details of your session in our pre-shoot consultation, including the mood of the images you want, the style and the location.

Yes, there are logistics to consider, but the most important ingredient is always emotion.

If you prefer classic settings and poses we’ll be sure to get them, but I do recommend we include spontaneous and unplanned scenes as well.

Family photography at home or at a favourite location is what I identify as Family Lifestyle Photography. It’s priceless because it’s truly beautiful and authentic, with all of you in your familiar place there are plenty of candid gems among the planned and prepared compositions.

What is Lifestyle Photography?

This is is real life, real emotion and interaction, in-your-home photography. It’s where authentic and artistic meet, creating visual documents of this moment in time in the life of you and your family.

I’ve always been drawn to Lifestyle Photography so making the decision to specialise in it was a natural progression. There is so much to gain by documenting the essence of each person and how they interact.

Every one of these sessions is unique because the dynamic inside a home is unguarded. Even daily routines are distinctive to each household.

baby with her mum at home
toddler holds his mums hand

This is my chance to reveal to people the beauty and significance of the little things around them.  I LOVE being able to freeze in time the expressions and behaviours of kids – AND parents – that come so naturally to them when in their home environment.  This is real life, but wow, the images can be magical. Sometimes hilarious. Always heart-connected.

Remember the photographs of JFK in the White House with his kids playing around his desk? We know them because he happens to be famous, but celebrity isn’t the important ingredient.

It’s all about the magic that happens every day – not around special occasions or scenarios we prepare for.

The images we capture of you and your kids, in your home, doing everyday things, hanging out with you at work – they are every bit as artistic and covetable as those kids with their dad, who just happens to be president.

I love working like this, I’m here to guide you and to click the shutter just at the right moments. Your beautiful images have that extra level of meaning because they are relevant to place and time.

I believe everyone can have and treasure photographic objects to document these lives we are living. The incredible emotion felt between people, the highs and the hurdles, the great big events and the tiny, little fleeting moments that piece together to make your story.

What is a ‘photographic object’? That’s an art world term for a photographic thing, a memento – a print, a framed image… things we can hold or hang on the wall, that somehow magically contain the history of the days and years before they were created, and every moment since.

framed image leaning against wall
canvas prints on living room wall