Family Photography

family photography - two sisters at beach photo session jumping from a rock

Sydney Family Photography

Remember the photographs of JFK in the White House with his kids playing around his desk? We know them because he happens to be famous, but celebrity isn’t the important ingredient. In family photography, the images we capture of you and your kids, in your home, doing everyday things, hanging out with you at work… they are every bit as artistic and covetable as those kids with their dad, who just happens to be president.

It’s all about the magic that happens every day which you don’t get by hauling the family into a photographic studio for staged images. 

Lifestyle and Documentary Photography

I’ve always been drawn to Lifestyle Photography so making the decision to specialise in it was a natural progression. There is so much to gain by documenting the essence of each person and how they interact, especially when it’s in their familiar environment. I’m here to guide you and to click the shutter just at the right moments, and pretty quickly you all forget you’re being photographed.

I love working like this. Your beautiful images also have that extra level of meaning because they are relevant to place and time.

This is real life, but wow, the images can be incredible. Sometimes hilarious. Always heart-connected.

Contact me and we’ll brainstorm your own custom session!
There’s no obligation to book, let’s see if we can come up with some ideas to inspire you. 

young child running towards camera at the beach

If you’re after a bossy schoolmarm photographer who yells your kids (or teenagers) into order – I’m not your person.

I will do everything I can to get the best possible results in a fun way. 

If you have a beautiful new baby and you want those wrapped, baskets-and-bows newborn portraits – also not me.

If you love the storytelling magic of photographing your baby at home, in your space, we’re a great fit.

baby with her mum at home
baby looking over mums shoulder
Photographing kids of all ages is not just a fun memory, having photographs around the home can be an essential affirmation for children as they grow that they are seen and loved. 
canvas prints on living room wall