Pet Photography

pet photography sydney Boston Terrier portrait

Parents of Sydney Pets, hello!

After years of incorporating pets into family shoots, I have finally decided it’s time to give them the full spotlight for a whole session. 

It’s no surprise I like to capture your fur babies at home and in their favourite haunts – out for a stroll or down at the park. Lifestyle Pet Photography is what I recommend for perfect Sydney pet portraits.

Like human children, your pet babies require a parent or guardian to be present and willing to assist where needed. I’ll  take care of the camera skills and you’ll be there to help them feel comfortable, inspire lovey looks in their eyes and to make sure they are safe, play nice with other people, pets and property. I have also been known to invent the occasional strange sound to get their attention.

How do we get those super cute pet photos?

Bribes 🙂 Pets are very fussy eaters these days and many have dietary requirements so you’ll also be bringing treats – in very small, tasty pieces. Enough to keep them interested but not something they have to spend time chewing. We’ll use them to reward your pet for their cooperation throughout the shoot.

Enjoying each other’s company. Pets can tell if a human isn’t a pet person. I’m a pet person.

I want to be in the photos with my pet. Or maybe I don’t…

Please wear something you feel good in, because I like to give you some options for participating. Even those pet parents who “don’t want to be in the photos” usually end up choosing a few of them. Just do it 🙂  Give yourself the option.

And, of course, if you have human children AND pet children, well…. there’s usually a lot of participation there as well.

cat with beautiful golden eyes - Sydney Pet Photographer

What kind of photos will we do?

All of your ideas, and any suggestions I have to offer, are discussed before our shoot.

You know your pet better than I do, so some planning is done around the logistics of what they’ll likely be prepared to do. And there’s always an element of improvisation because they all do have minds of their own.

If your pet children have feathers or scales rather than fur, or are happily grazing on your rural property as you read this, then absolutely we can design a session for them as well.

bull arab puppy Sydney pet photography

Contact me and we’ll brainstorm your own custom session!
There’s no obligation to book, let’s see if we can come up with some ideas to inspire you. 

close up of cat's face