Photography Session and Artwork Prices

Framed Photo on wall

Portraits, Family, Couples, Maternity, Kids, Pets

Session Fee $150

The session fee is paid at the time of booking to reserve your appointment and it includes our pre-shoot design consultation, the photography session and a curated presentation of your edited images.

Extended Photography Sessions

These are for you if you’d like to do two locations that aren’t accessible within the 90 minute shoot or if you’d like to have the half of our session outdoors and a second studio-style session in a more controlled environment. Allow a total of 4 consecutive hours including up to 30 mins travel between the two locations.

Add $150 for the extended time for a total of $300

What to expect for your photography session

  • Our Family and Headshot sessions DESIGN CONSULTATION is in person, over Zoom or by phone.  This pre-shoot meeting is when we talk through the details of the images you’re wanting and how we can best make that happen. Note*** Branding photography includes additional communication and planning consultations.

  • Our PHOTO SHOOT is next up, and we’re already on the same page.  We’ll  book in 90 mins, but allow for 2 hours just in case. It sounds a bit cliche but working with children and/or pets means best-laid plans need to be at least a bit malleable and, truthfully, the spontaneous moments are often my favourites. Even adults get to build on initial plans and improvise – especially when you discover it’s actually an enjoyable experience having your photographs taken.

  • I then select and edit the very best images from your shoot. Each dedicated, thoroughly enjoyable hour I spend working with your images takes me back to the day of the shoot, and I can hardly wait to share them with you!
  • We’re a busy lot these days, so your CURATED PRESENTATION of your lovingly prepared images is via a custom online gallery. You can savour your beautiful photographs at your ultimate convenience. I’m here if you have any questions, and am always happy to offer my professional expertise to help you choose your favourites.

  • I’ll recommend printing options suited to the style and composition of each image and the destination you have in mind – wall art, prints or albums.
  • The session fee does not include any prints or digital files. The product prices below are a guide, and you receive a detailed price list when we chat before you make your booking. 

Product pricing

After extensive research and test prints, I’ve sourced the very best vendors who create beautifully made artisan products for you. Choose from a selection of framed prints, canvas, metal prints and albums, either single art works or in a collection.

  • Individual Wall Art from $395
  • Handmade wooden Folio Display Boxes containing 10 museum quality matted prints from $1295
  • Wall Art Collections (multiple pieces that hang on the wall together) from $995
  • Framed Story Boards – multiple images framed as one artwork from $995
  • Albums from $1295
  • Digital JPEG files can be purchased individually or as part of a package and start at $275
  • Desktop Art includes 6×4″, 7×5″, 8×10″ and starts from $275
  • You receive a detailed price list when we chat before you make your booking.

Most clients spend between $795 – $2995

large metal print wall art

Contact me and we’ll brainstorm your own custom session!
There’s no obligation to book, let’s see if we can come up with some ideas to inspire you. 

Please note* Click here for  Head Shots & Personal Branding prices, and Commercial projects are quoted on an individual basis.

wall art of family photography

I believe everyone can have and treasure photographic objects to document these lives we are living. The incredible emotion felt between people, the highs and the hurdles, the great big events and the tiny, little fleeting moments that piece together to make your story.

What is a ‘photographic object’? That’s an art world term for a photographic thing, a memento – a print, a framed image… things we can hold or hang on the wall, that somehow magically contain the history of the days and years before they were created, and every moment since.

If you want to book a photo session online, turn up on the day with no direct communication beforehand and walk away with a handful of digital files that you may or may not print at some stage, we’re not a match.

I work with my clients before, during and after our shoot to get awesome images and to create precious printed treasures to enjoy now and for many years to come. 

framed image leaning against wall