What to wear for Family Photography.

BABY LIFESTYLE: Have a few outfits handy for baby.  Adults either have a layered item, like a cardigan, wrap or over shirt, that you can take off half way through, or have a completely different outfit to change into.

FAMILY LIFESTYLE: Be yourselves. If you’d like some guidance I’d say maybe laid-back colours for parents and brighter for kids.  

EVERYONE: There are some general requests (not rules) across all ages because these things can be distracting in a photograph, particularly if there is more than one person in the shot, and someone is wearing one of these: 

  • Avoid high contrast patterns or stripes
  • No fluorescent colours unless they’re sun protection wear for the kids
  • Patterns are best if they’re subtle. That said, there are some beautiful fabric designs but it’s safer to stay with muted tones and low contrast colours, or solid colours
  • No large logos on t-shirts or clothing
  • In direct light white clothing tends to photograph too brightly, muted colours are better

You don’t need to be colour coordinated with each other, but staying within a tonal range is recommended. For example, everyone in light to medium tones, or medium to dark tones.

Three brothers sitting on the couch together